Benefits of Green Roofs

Greening Urban Spaces
In dense urban environments, Rooftop Landscapes provide increased amenity space that reconnect urban residents and office workers with nature, improving their quality of life and increasing their productivity.

Rooftop landscaping provides additional land in urban areas, allowing for more biological diversity. Ecoroofs can provide important refuges for wildlife in urban areas and can draw beneficial insects back into cities.

Reduction of Stormwater Runoff
A Rooftop Landscape will significantly reduce the rate and volume of rainfall leaving the roof, thereby reducing flash floods during storms and minimising storm drain requirements. Up to 90% of an area’s typical rainfall can be absorbed by a greened roof. Rooftop Landscapes also act like a rainwater collection tank which naturally filters the rainwater. We can harvest rainfall from your green roof and integrate this will a greywater recycling system.

Thermal Regulation
Rooftop Landscapes slowly absorb and retain heat from the sun and release it when the ambient air cools, thereby reducing the heating and cooling demands within the building. In places like sunny South Africa, where air-conditioning impacts heavily on electricity usage, roof gardens can considerably reduce energy consumption.

Noise Insulation
The combination of soil, plants and trapped layers of air within the Rooftop Landscape act as a noise insulation barrier. Sound waves are absorbed or reflected. The growing medium tends to block lower sound frequencies whilst the plants block higher frequencies.

Reduction of the Urban Heat Island Effect
Green roofs cool the surrounding air. In fact, by respirating the retained water, they can cool the roof and surrounding air significantly. This microclimate can significantly reduce adverse “urban heat island” weather patterns.

Protection of Roof Structure and Waterproofing Membrane
While the installation of a green roof requires a larger initial investment up front than a typical non-planted roof, a green roof will last 3-4 times longer than a conventional roof. A Rooftop Landscape can greatly reduce the surface temperature of the roofing waterproofing membrane significantly, while protecting the surface of the roof membrane from exposure to UV rays and adverse weather conditions such as rain and hail.

Air Quality Improvement
Airborne particles, pollutants, CO2 and toxins are filtered from the atmosphere by the vegetation on a Rooftop Landscape, which in turn breathe oxygen into the air, resulting in a reduction in your carbon footprint.

Green Building Credits, Carbon Credits, Tax Incentives
The Green Building Council of South Africa ( has developed the Green Star SA rating tools. These tools provide the commercial property industry with a basis for measuring the effectiveness of green buildings and to recognise and reward environmental leadership in the industry. The installation of Rooftop Landscapes can earn property developers a significant number of green building credits. Governments from North America to Europe and Japan have begun to offer tax incentives and subsidies to encourage green roofs.

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