Green Roof Design

A rooftop landscape, otherwise known as a green roof, vegetated roof, ecoroof or living roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation. It consists of a vegetated roof covering which is planted over an existing roof structure.

Rooftop Landscapes offers modular and permanent green roof systems, that may be installed over pitched or flat roofs.

As a green roof is a long-term investment, we ensure, through responsive design engineering and stringent standards of installation and maintenance, giving you a trouble-free garden on your roof for decades.

A well-designed green roof will retain sufficient moisture for the plants, allow excess water to drain freely and be able to sustain the plant growth while exerting minimum stresses on the building structural members.

The engineered system comprises the following layers, listed from the bottom to the top:

1. The waterproofing membrane prevents water from entering the roof structure.

2. The root protection barrier protects the waterproofing of the roof from penetration by plant roots.

3. The drainage layer, in the form of a high-strength, cuspated, High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) sheet, ensures that surplus water is safely drained away to gutters.

4. The filter layer prevents soil particles from entering the drainage layer and obstructing the water flow.

5. The growing medium ensures that the vegetation is provided with sufficient water and nutrients, while remaining lightweight.

6. The vegetation layer may range from turf to trees.

These layers may be installed as a built-in-place system, with each layer simply installed one at a time, or in the form of interlocking modular planter trays. Rooftop Landscapes also manufactures various edgings, accessories and maintenance inspection ports.

Rooftop Landscapes systems are designed in accordance with the worldwide industry-leading German FLL (Research Society for Landscape Development and Design) Standard. Rooftop Landscapes are installed in accordance with the South African National Building Codes and Regulations.

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