Installation & Maintenance


All components of the system are locally sourced and assembled. All steel components are manufactured in our factory.

We use one of two methods to install a Rooftop Landscape, namely built-in-place installation and modular installation.

  Built-in-place systems have the following characteristics:
  • The various layers of the Rooftop Landscape are installed one by one on the roof membrane.
  • Plants are planted in the garden at the job site. As a consequence, green roof installation takes longer than with the modular system.
  • They allow more diverse plant selections.
  • Roofs generally require about a few months to 2 years to be completely "green".

Modular systems have the following characteristics:
  • Interlocking stainless steel trays are preassembled with the drainage system, growing medium, and vegetation prior to installation. Thus, the green roof is delivered pre-planted and ready to set in place, allowing instant greening of the roof.
  • The modules can be rotated seasonally, allowing greater design flexibility.
  • Clients have the option of installing the Rooftop Landscape in sections, offering opportunity for future add-ons and alterations.
Maintenance and Warranty

All Rooftop Landscapes come with a renewable maintenance contract, which entitles our clients to a warranty on plant materials and green roof components.

We determine the optimum maintenance schedule, based on the plant selection and the environment. The need for maintenance can be reduced by selecting plant species suited to the local environment of the roof.

The level of maintenance required depends on the local environment factors (rainfall, temperature, light) type of green roof installed (extensive, intensive or biodiverse) and on the clients plant preferences.
  • Intensive green roofs will typically require the same levels of care and maintenance as a similar garden situated on the ground (weeding, addition of fertiliser, and irrigation).
  • Extensive green roofs tend to be designed with minimal maintenance in mind, once the green roof is established. Generally, after the initial establishment phase, most extensive green roofs only require maintenance a few times per year. Maintenance visits will include monitoring plants for bird and pest damage and address using natural control methods where required. An integrated drip irrigation system may be installed to water plants when rainfall drought exceeds 3-4 weeks.
  • Biodiverse green roofs are designed to be "left alone" to allow an ecosystem to evolve. However, some maintenance, typically involving the periodic removal of any plant species with aggressive roots that could damage the underlying drainage and waterproofing system, is usually required.
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