Types of Green Roofs

The choice of rooftop landscape type relates to the type of plants that can be grown on the roof. The choice is limited by the loads that your roof can withstand.

  Intensive Rooftop Landscapes

Intensive Rooftop Landscapes replicate ground level gardens on roofs.

Typically, these roof gardens have a growing medium depth of 200 mm or more and can sustain large plants and even trees. The weight requirements for intensive green roofs are such that they are normally installed over concrete roof decks. Such roof gardens typically require a level of maintenance comparable to that of a similar ground-level garden.

Extensive Rooftop Landscapes

Extensive roof gardens are typically covered with low-growing plants.

These roof gardens have a growing medium depth of less than 200 mm. They usually require less maintenance than intensive roof gardens.

Biodiverse or Brown Rooftop Landscapes

Biodiverse roof gardens recreate pre-existing ground ecosystems.

These are constructed in a similar way to the other types green roofs, but are designed with specific biodiversity objectives in mind, such as providing a habitat for a specific species. To maximise biodiversity, a wide range of growing mediums will normally be distributed around the roof surface (usually sourced from the local area).

Biodiverse roof gardens emphasise evolution over design. Thus, very little maintenance is required. In most cases, these are either left alone to allow the germination of wind-blown seeds, or alternatively, seeds collected from the local area are scattered over the roof area. Over time an ecosystem of plants and animals will develop on the roof.

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