The Air Up There

Once a nondescript structural element, rooftops have become the new frontier for inner-city gardening. Green roofs are a sustainable and striking way to blur the lines between buildings and gardens. Some are trafficable, while others a purely for visuals.

Natural Communion

The primary space is the garden, which is treated like a 'suburban piazza', around which the house, the veranda, the planter beds and the boma are arranged. At ground level and upstairs, the connection between indoors and outdoors is direct.

Top Billing Features Beautiful Blair Athol Home

This week's featured Top Billing home is a classic that has been beautifully re-imagined by the new owners, showcasing their quirky eclectic style and expanding their garden onto the roof!

Green Roofs and Green Walls - The hottest architectural trends to hit South African Estates

We handle all aspects of your green roof from design to construction and maintenance, protecting your long-term investment, from the building structure to the waterproofing to the plants. We take the time to ensure that our projects are sustainable and add value to our clients' properties

Homegrown - Exploring Issues Around Urban Food Production

To best explain permaculture, it’s useful to think of it as a philosophy or an ethical approach, and the practice of applying its principles to the best land use design

Higher Ground - Rooftop Gardens

Safety is key. Consult an engineer if you are converting an existing space into a roof garden. Joburg-based company Rooftop Landscapes offers the following tips for designing a green roof.

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